Established in2013, Maverick Interiors is a multi-disciplinary firm offering architectural, interior architecture, and strategic visioning services to a wide variety of clients nationwide. MAVERICK is dedicated to well-conceived master planning, quality architecture, and a satisfied client. 

As such, the firm has carefully assembled an experienced staff that represents a strong degree of technical ability and professional dedication for a full-service practice that provides award-winning architecture and interior architecture. 

MAVERICK believes in working collaboratively in order to reach a deep understanding of clients’ desires and expectations. Forging strong affiliations embraces everyone as a member of the design team, allowing all to share ownership of the final results.

  • Tel:400-600-8200


  • Q Q:2719174748
  • E-mail:zzw_maverick@163.com
  • Address:57 Floor, Block B, Chinese International Center, 33 Zhongshan Third Road, Guangzhou
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